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Population Health: Finding Common Ground to Create Positive Change

Creating a shared vision of what population health is and how successful partnerships are making positive changes throughout communities is the focus of this year's Colloquium.

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Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground is a national initiative designed to enhance performance and quality improvement of governmental health departments and advance national accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

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Local Boards of Health Toolkit

The Local Boards of Health Toolkit is designed to assist board of health and board of supervisor members with their roles and responsibilities in promoting the mission of public health.

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Envisioning Public Health & Primary Care in 2030

16th Annual Iowa Public Health Practice Colloquium

Envisioning Public Health & Primary Care in 2030: Exploring Strategies to Create Successful Futures Together


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Shelter Management Toolkit

This toolkit provides an introductory sample of training classes, online courses, web links, and publications related to emergency shelter management. The tools in this kit cover the topics of animals in disaster, shelter planning,...

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Public Health Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for those currently in public health practice, especially for those who are new to public health.  The information included is for people in all branches and areas of public health practice, from environmental...

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12 Domains to PHABulous

Welcome to the Gaining Ground Video Series. Developed by the Iowa Public Health Gaining Ground Coalition, these videos provide a resource for those pursuing PHAB accreditation.


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New Public Health Administrators Orientation Toolkit

Orientation Materials

The Prepare Iowa Learning Management System

Power Point Presentations

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Putting the Pieces Together: Leveraging Your Organization's Assets for Performance Improvement

The Colloquium will provide a forum to discuss contemporary strategies and tools for performance improvement opportunities (existing and new); improve management, leadership and human resource development; and improve collaborative...

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It All Adds Up!

“It All Adds Up” is a free online tax season resource to help direct care workers take advantage of ways to increase their tax returns if their annual income falls within certain levels.

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Direct Care Professional Recruitment Toolkit

Often referred to as the “Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love”, the direct care profession (DCP) is not for everyone but for those who enter the field out of a genuine desire to help others, it is one of the most gratifying jobs to be found...

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From Numbers to Outcomes: Data Resources for Public Health Professionals

This toolkit contains videos and resources from the 2013 Fall Colloquium, From Numbers to Outcomes: Data Resources for Public Health.

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Capability-Based Training and Education Resources for Coalitions

This toolkit is a collection of high quality education and training resources for healthcare coalitions. Content is organized by each of the 15 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities.

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Program & Policies Toolkit for Healthier Communities: Evidence-based Resources for Public Health Professionals

This toolkit was designed by the Iowa Counties Public Health Association (ICPHA) and The Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center (UMPHTC) to equip public health administrators and other interested community partners with evidence-...

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A Call To Mentoring - Mentor Management Toolkit

This Manager Toolkit is designed for those managers, human resource staff, supervisors, administrators and others who may be responsible for implementing the mentor program within their organization(s).  For the purposes of this toolkit...

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Communicating the Value of Public Health

A toolkit for the public health workforce, including how-to's, best practices, and numerous resources for improving communication strategies in the field of public health.

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Strategic Planning for Local Public Health Agencies - Post Workshop Tools

This toolkit is a joint effort by:

  • Iowa Public Health Association
  • Iowa Counties Public Health Association
  • Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center...
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